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#Switch4Air Podcast Series: the role and potential of bioenergy in the heating sector

30 November 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of the #Switch4Air podcast series, hosted by Bioenergy Europe in collaboration with the European Pellet Council. During the winter season, we will welcome industry experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities for bioenergy in the heating sector.

Heating & Cooling represent more than half of the energy consumption in the EU and more than double the electricity demand. With 79% of energy sources used in H&C coming from fossil fuels, and 36% of GHG emissions, there is an urgent need to foster a real switch toward renewables solutions.

Bioenergy accounts for 85% of renewable heat. Bioheat is providing decarbonised heat and is a power tool for Member States to meet their long-term climate objectives. It is a mature, viable and efficient solution and the modernisation of biomass heating appliances must be fully supported to ensure a swift, and much needed transition of the sector.

Through this first #Switch4Air episode, Bioenergy Europe wishes to highlight how the use of biomass for heat - coupled with modern and efficient appliances - can help reduce air emissions in Europe. In this episode, Cristina Calderón (Director of the Market Intelligence department at Bioenergy Europe) and Alina Sulowska (Policy Officer at Bioenergy Europe) present up-to-date data, insights, and policy perspective on the role and potential of bioenergy for the heating sector.