Country Profile: Poland

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Population: 38,268,000

Area: 312,696 km2

Country profile

Poland is a country located in Central Europe and has a largely temperate seasonal climate. Forests cover about 30% of Poland's territory.

% of the H&C sector in the final energy consumption: 54,0%

% of renewables in the H&C sector: 14,0%

% of bioheat within renewables in the H&C sector: 97,5%

Biomass for heating in Poland

Poland has a share of renewable energy of 11 %, of final energy, which is under the EU average.  The main contributing technology is onshore wind.

The age of the overall existing heating stock (including all technologies) is older than the EU average. Only 30% of appliances was installed in 2002 or later Which is among the oldest in the UE.

Not surprisingly than, Poland is among the countries with the most polluted air in the EU. In this regards, flagship government project ‘clean air’ with budget of 25 bln EUR aims at thermo-modernization of building stock, replacement of high emitting installations with low emission heating solutions and facilitating access to the integrated district heating.

Although Poland has carbon price in place, it is value (€0.09 per tCO2), is rather symbolic. Poland doesn’t have an explicit date of coal phase out. The most concrete declaration in this regard, foresee closing of all Polish coal mines by 2049 paralleled by incremental decrease of coal use in line to achieve share of coal in the energy mix between 37% and 56% in 2030 and to between 11% and 28% in 2040.

Relevant documents

  • Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for Austria (PLEN)
  • Reduction of National Emissions - National Air Pollution Control Programmes PLEN)

National initiatives

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