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Czech Republic

Population: 10,707,839

Area: 78,866 km2

Czechia is a country in Central Europe, with a mostly temperate continental climate and oceanic climate. Forests cover approximately 35.5% of the land area of Czech Republic.

% of the H&C sector in the final energy consumption: 58,3%

% of renewables in the H&C sector: 21,0%

% of bioheat within renewables in the H&C sector: 93,4%=

Biomass for heating in Czech Republic

Czech Republic has a share of renewable energy of 15.2% of the gross final energy, which is under the EU average. This RES contribution is primarily achieved thanks to bioenergy.

Concerning 2030 targets, Czechia set RES target of 22% for gross final energy and particular target of 30% in heating and cooling.

Overall, the existing heating stock age (including all technologies), is more modern than the EU average. Nevertheless, approximately 50% of the heating stock is older than 2002.

Czech Republic eyes on the coal phase out by 2038, however binding decision has not been undertaken yet.

Framework for the air quality improvements provides updated in 2019 National Emission Reduction. Program of the Czech Republic. According to its estimates, reduction PM2.5 of emissions according to national projection should reach 58% by 2030.


Relevant documents

  • Integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for Czech Republic (CZEN)
  • Reduction of National Emissions - National Air Pollution Control Programmes (CZEN)

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